I’m Elizabeth Meg Wilson – twenty-something proud Northumbrian and penguin enthusiast. You probably clicked on this page because you want to know who I am and what the hell I’m doing on your screen. Fair enough.

I’ve always been a writer since I was little. I LOVE a good story, and I love telling good stories, whether they’re fiction, factual, or a tantalising mix of both. I write my own funny and spooky tales, but I also love researching folklore and thinking about pop culture too much. My academic background is in Medieval history: during my undergrad I specialised in Anglo-Saxon ecclesiastical history and Latin, but then I became more “modern” during my MA where I studied fifteenth century magic trials in England. Since leaving academia I’ve spent time as an editorial intern, heritage event organiser, bartender and shop assistant-cum-copywriter at an awesome geeky shop where I get to hang out with fellow nerds and discuss Star Trek and other shows.

I’ve got varied interests and am currently living my dream, is what I’m saying.

Scranshums originally started a few years ago but I let it slide during my MA. This blog’s purpose is, in short, to explore interesting factoids and to entertain (because no-one wants to be bored). I’ll be posting a mix of articles on medieval magic, pop culture, folkore mostly from Britain, feminism, navel-gazings about life and the occasional short story. I also like lists, so there’s a few of them too. Basically, Scranshums is a distraction and procrastination tool suitable for most internet users that I’m hoping will make you think “huh, that’s interesting”.

I’m also a writer and editor over at the excellent culturised.co.uk. Give them a look for alternative academia articles and the lowdown on recent cultural events.

I’m available for editing (both proofreading and deep editing), research and copywriting jobs. If you’ve got a project you’d like to talk to me about, please tweet me @scranshums.

Finally, because I bet you’re all wondering, “scranshums” is an old Northumbrian word for bits and pieces of broken biscuits, crisps or chips. I like all of these things, but preferably in un-broken form.


Disclaimer: All views are my own and not representative of anyone else, or other organisations I belong to. No copyright infringement intended: all pictures etc belong to their rightful owners who I have credited when possible. If any content used on this blog belongs to you and you would like it taken down, then please contact me and it will be removed. If you wish to use something from this blog, then please contact me first @scranshums. Thanks!

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