The Great York Geek Guide

York is well known for many things – Vikings, medieval history, chocolate – but there’s one cultural aspect that you might not expect: York’s thriving geeky scene. Here’s my pick of the independent pop culture shops and nerd hangouts that you need to add to your quest itinerary next time you visit. (And don't forget … Continue reading The Great York Geek Guide

Hermione Granger and the Rickly Hallows

It is exactly page 295 of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The middle of paragraph 5, to be precise. HARRY and HERMIONE are mucking about with her Time-Turner and have just saved the Hippogriff BUCKBEAK from execution. SCENE: Edge of the Forbidden Forest, dusk. HARRY and HERMIONE are leading BUCKBEAK behind bushes. A … Continue reading Hermione Granger and the Rickly Hallows