On Halloween Traditions

Today is, of course, Halloween (or properly Hallowe’en), the perfect excuse to have a night in with a spooky DVD, demand sweets with menaces or just get smashed while dressed as the zombie you’ll undoubtedly feel like in the morning. I used to quite like (‘scuse split infinitive) Halloween at home in North-East England because, … Continue reading On Halloween Traditions

On Commonplace Cultural Differences

I just recently returned from spending a month in a language school in Florence. Now obviously certain things in Italy are quite different from their counterparts in the UK – well, if the culture wasn’t a bit different, then what’s the point of going abroad? It’s not as if I turned up and freaked out … Continue reading On Commonplace Cultural Differences

On Domestic Explosions

“Kitchens should not be covered in brown, sticky liquid.” This perhaps obvious thought crossed my mind recently when I found the aforementioned substance drenching the sink, window and work surfaces in a three-metre radius from the plug. Turns out it wasn’t a tap-based fault, but another resident’s coke can was responsible. He’d put it in … Continue reading On Domestic Explosions