On Commonplace Cultural Differences 2: London

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that I’ve not posted for a couple of weeks. My apologies; my usual routine has been upset by shifting from home in the North-East to London for a few months. Here, I’m balancing photograph digitisation at the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, tracking down the locations of coins at … Continue reading On Commonplace Cultural Differences 2: London

On Dinner – an Investigation

It was a week last Saturday night. I was happily sat with a bottle of lager and Skyfall on the telly, when I received a text. My friend was wondering if I or anyone else in “the North” called their midday meal “dinner”, because his mate from Leeds said everyone did, and it wasn’t something … Continue reading On Dinner – an Investigation

On Commonplace Cultural Differences

I just recently returned from spending a month in a language school in Florence. Now obviously certain things in Italy are quite different from their counterparts in the UK – well, if the culture wasn’t a bit different, then what’s the point of going abroad? It’s not as if I turned up and freaked out … Continue reading On Commonplace Cultural Differences