The Great York Geek Guide

York is well known for many things – Vikings, medieval buildings and study, chocolate makers, Bettys’ Tea Rooms – but there’s one cultural aspect that you might not expect: York’s thriving geeky scene. There’s loads going on, and with York Unleashed Comic-Con growing every year, it’s something that’s only going to get bigger! Here’s my … Continue reading The Great York Geek Guide

Get North and Get Fed: Independent Coffee Houses in Newcastle

Have you ever visited Newcastle and Gateshead, the capital city of the North East? No? Tsk. You’re missing out. NewcastleGateshead is currently hosting the Great Exhibition of the North, an event that’s literally taking over the entire city. New interactive exhibits, installations and events are being superimposed onto existing cultural sites and re-imagined displays to … Continue reading Get North and Get Fed: Independent Coffee Houses in Newcastle

In Which I Introduce My Nemesis

Readers, I have found my nemesis. Every good character has a nemesis. Harry Potter has Voldemort. Kirk has Khan. Sherlock Holmes has Professor Moriarty. I have Bastard McFeathertush, Esq., pigeon. This all started a few weeks ago. The boyfriend and I went on holiday to Edinburgh for a few days. We had a lovely time … Continue reading In Which I Introduce My Nemesis

25 Things About Being 25

It’s been a while, but say hello to the (slightly) revamped Scranshums! I’m back to regularly broadcast musings, pop culture waffling, medieval magic research and whimsy in your general direction, whether you like it or not. (Please like it, we aspiring writers need our audiences.) First off, I’ve got slightly older (inevitably) and may have … Continue reading 25 Things About Being 25

Commonplace Cultural Differences 3: USA All the Way

I’ve recently returned from a two-week sojourn in the USA. I'd never been before, though it did feel like I had because everything looked familiar from all the TV and pop culture I’ve ingested over the years. (Honestly, I walked around a mall seeing shops and finally getting jokes I’d never got before. I was … Continue reading Commonplace Cultural Differences 3: USA All the Way

A Cynical Shop Assistant’s Guide to Christmas Songs

One shop I work in has no Christmas music. This is a blessed relief, but does mean there’s no respite from the frankly odd year-long playlist. The other shop I work at has only two Christmas music CDs. Here are my responses to these tunes, which I’ve had rattling around my head since the start … Continue reading A Cynical Shop Assistant’s Guide to Christmas Songs

On Christmas Shopping Etiquette

So it’s about a week till Christmas – all sorted yet? Me too. This year I’ve had the pleasure of working in two retail xmas temp jobs which have been pretty enjoyable on the whole (not least the staff discounts; between both shops I got all my gifts covered). One is a local geeky shop, … Continue reading On Christmas Shopping Etiquette