On Adulting

I know, it’s been a while. Turns out that masters degrees are pretty intensive. Who knew, huh?

So, a wee update. The dissertation is all done and was handed in on 31st October – an appropriate day for a work on magic! Not that this is an end to my research. Or busy-ness. I’m currently working two Christmas temp shop jobs (as are several friends – together, we’re making a killing in staff discounts), applying for other things, trying to maintain a social life, and also doing a spot more writing for this blog and other projects. Suddenly, I realise that I’m actually an adult. Or, at least adult-ing in the sense that I’m doing the stuff that I thought proper grown-ups did, when I was little – I’ve got a job, a gaff and a flatmate. I’m sure this is a thing everyone realises, but it’s almost odd how it’s not as jarring or as scary as I’d always assumed it would be; it’s feels like a natural progression that I hadn’t even noticed happening. I know, DUHHHH, but it’s all new to me. So, while I’m in musing mood, here’s a few brief lists of things I’ve learnt during this proper foray into adulting and suchlike:

  1. Storage heaters make no sense, even if you have the instruction manual.
  2. I amassed more adult points than my dad the day I moved into my shiny new flat by sorting out the utility companies. They weren’t that scary, but apparently he’s never done that himself and always leaves it to mam.
  3. I bloody love constructing flat-pack furniture. Honestly, I’ll come and build yours for a cup of tea and a packet of Hula-Hoops if you want. I’m also adept at fixing flat-packs (that weren’t put up by me, obviously, or they wouldn’t need fixing). The trick is to smack it with a hammer.
  4. You can’t beat the satisfaction of a freshly hoovered, clear floor.
  5. No wait, you can’t beat the satisfaction of a beautifully clean hob top.

This is me. (Pic from Pinterest)

  1. ITVBe is the best channel. Full of reality shows, this channel could turn a die-hard feminist into a raving misogynist in about half an hour. It’s great. We can’t remember all the names of the shows, but we’re big fans of Queer eye for the Straight House, Bridezillas, Real Housewives Near where the Flatmate is From, Dinner Date, Oh God What Have They Done to Their Body?, and Dancing Dolls.
  2. Maximum adult points are gained for keeping things other than yourself alive. No, I’m not meaning that my cooking hasn’t killed the Flatmate yet, but that we’ve succeeded in keeping 5 out of our 8 plants alive. We’ve become a bit attached, and named them: Boris the Bamboo, Dave the Dragon Tree, Lara Lavender, Clem the Orange Tree and Clive the Chive. Alas, Well Mint, and Donna the Rose have gone to the large compost heap in the sky. We also haven’t had much luck with basil plants. Basil One was Fawlty and died, as did Basil Two: Electric Boogaloo. The Flatmate also has 4 other plants (one of which has TENTACLES), but they’re shy and so stay in her room. But still, we’ve got some living things that we look after, and that’s nice.
  3. All those plastic hooks and tags you get in the top of toys to hang them on hooks in shops? Some schmuck has to attach them, using a prongy gun pushed deep into the top of a toy’s head. I genuinely spent yesterday lobotomising tiny Wookies for a Christmas display, and felt cruel every second.

Anyway, I’m happier and healthier now than I have been in a long while. This is probably in part due to the Flatmate being a semi-veggie, and that I’m now dating a vegetarian. All good for expanding my recipe repertoire, but, as a bacon fan, I’ve not exactly thought my life choices through. Furthermore, I’ve taken up exercising.


Shock horror.

This is not just because the Flatmate got me drunk and signed up for a 10km run next year. (I think this was in revenge for me stopping her eating ice cream just before dinner, though she went ahead and regretted it anyway – she’s lactose intolerant.) I’ve always fancied doing more yoga and running a bit, and it’s only helping my stamina for rushing up the many stairs to the stockrooms at work!


Actual photo of my journey to the stock room at one job. (Pic from wikipedia.)

Besides all this, what about the future for Scranshums? Coming up soon (I should hope):

  • Posts looking at the interesting magic cases and themes I came across in my dissertation research.
  • More folklore and pop culture musings.
  • The start of a series in which the Flatmate and I meander through York’s many varied pubs and report our opinions. Not exactly reviews, more drunken experiences and slight ponderings on the beer and atmosphere of the different establishments. (We have made it our target to visit as many of the 300-odd pubs in the city as possible. It’s gonna be fun. And informative.)

And so on we go…

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