On Going First Class on the East Coast

Sometimes it’s rude not to travel first class. Not all the time, but on those rare occasions when you’re scanning the internet for train tickets and find the first class price just a couple of quid more or even – sharp intake of breath – less than standard. Then you’d be crazy not to shout, … Continue reading On Going First Class on the East Coast

On Dinner – an Investigation

It was a week last Saturday night. I was happily sat with a bottle of lager and Skyfall on the telly, when I received a text. My friend was wondering if I or anyone else in “the North” called their midday meal “dinner”, because his mate from Leeds said everyone did, and it wasn’t something … Continue reading On Dinner – an Investigation

On: It was the Undergraduate, in the Library, with the Beanbag

Over the course of my academic career – comprising of school, an undergraduate degree and two dissertations – I have used 14 libraries on an average of 3 per week, been thrown out of 1 and walked the length of the Trans-Siberian railway in going to find a book and forgetting to take the sheet … Continue reading On: It was the Undergraduate, in the Library, with the Beanbag

On Festive Buildup

It’s less than five weeks till Christmas. Now that I’ve shocked you, I’ll say I’ve noticed that this week there’s been something festive in the air, and I’m not just talking about the various colds going around. It’s certainly got to me, and as the week’s worn on I’ve felt more and more Christmassy. Perhaps … Continue reading On Festive Buildup

“With the usual apologies”

“The B.E.F. Times” was one of the incarnations of the publication that started as “The Wipers Times” in the British trenches in the First World War. Amongst the horror and carnage of that war, the writers – front-line soldiers – proved the cathartic power of comedy and satire, subversively poking fun at their superiors and … Continue reading “With the usual apologies”